HeiFei University of Technology adheres to the following policies; renovating contents of disciplinary structures , establishing new disciplinary groups, developing some new disciplinesand giving priority to disciplinary characteristics. In the period of the Ninth Five-Year Plan(1996-2000),the University has made tremendous progress in the building of disciplines; 8 disciplines were accredited to confer Doctoral Degrees,15 disciplines added to confer Master¡¯s degrees and 8 disciplines authorized to give master of Engineering degrees. Currently a center for post ¨Cdoctoral studies and one Grade A discipline for Doctoral degree, which are new breakthrough. Now the existing disciplines have been further expanded and improved. Their structures and coverage are also merely nationally organized.

     Thus ,all these disciplines demonstrate the following features; priority to engineering ,complete disciplines, integration of different subjects ,wide coverage, and Different disciplines ranging from Economics ,law, Pedagogy ,Literature ,Science and Engineering to Management .Based on these disciplines ,seven disciplinary groups have come into being, such as advanced manufacturing technology ,material science and chemical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science ,civil engineering, mechanics and architecture ,resources ,environmental andsustainable development ,biology, mechanical and electrical engineering. In these disciplines,There are 2 Grade A disciplines accredited to confer doctoral degrees,12 disciplines to doctoral Degrees,50 disciplines to Master¡¯s degrees, one key discipline at the state level and 20 at the Provincial level.

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